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I have been blocked for uploading a video that has music on it. Is this fair?

I have been blocked for uploading a video that has music on it. Is this fair?

I have been paying thousands to promote my business on here and today I uploaded a video that had a song on it now I have been blocked. I think this is the second time in 18 or so months. Do you really think this is fair????

Facebook probably won’t see your answer here since this is the community help section where other users help. But in answer to your question, it isn’t a Facebook rule, it’s a violation of International Copyright Law to upload something with someone else music. If you purchase music somewhere like a CD or iTunes, if you actually read the fine print, you are only allowed to use it ONLY for personal use which does not include uploading it to a web site. You are distributing someone else music without the artist, the record label, their management, etc.. getting the royalties that they are legally due. Not only could you get sued, but Facebook could get sued. Most sites like Facebook and YouTube use an automated matching system to detect things like this. YouTube has licensed with some record labels, etc… to pay them for such use… which is why many YouTube videos have advertisements automatically attached to them.


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